New Polestar 2 real world first drive: the EV (Electric Volvo?) of 2020 // Jonny Smith CarPervert

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At the risk of click-baiting this new 300kw, 400+hp, dual motor AWD, 292-mile EV from Volvo's sub-brand is probably the closest to a Model 3 rival seen so far. The Polestar 2 uses tasteful Scandinavian design with Chinese manufacturing (Polestar, Volvo, Lotus and the London Electric Vehicle Company - who make the EV black cabs - are owned by Chinese giant Geely) to bring this surprisingly sporty £47,000-£55,000 hatchback to sit between Tesla's Model 3 and Jaguar's iPace. It is not a ground-up EV, however, as it shares underpinnings with the Volvo XC40 SUV (of which there will be a pure electric version coming soon). The Polestar 2 uses low impact, recycled and recyclable interior materials to class it as 'Vegan'. It hits 0-62 in seconds, making it mid-range amongst the Model 3s and almost identical to the Jag iPace. When optioned with the £5000 Performance Pack (which Jonny tested) you get gold 4-piston Brembo brake calipers, manually adjustable Ohlins suspension system, gold seatbelts and gold valve caps. But is it too firm and race-focused for the market it's supposed to be aimed at? Jonny suspects so.

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Filmed & edited by: Matty @ Pixel Click
Thumbnail by: Matt Tarrant Design

Jonny Smith
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0:00 Intro
0:33 Exterior angles
1:02 Walk-around side profile
1:13 Polestar 1 PHEV
1:29 Dimensions
2:39 Motor and battery spec
3:25 Rear end walkaround
3:55 boot space
4:45 first drive impressions
5:20 Vegan interior
7:12 Volvo cabin components
8:00 Hey Google
8:45 weird indicator noise
9:05 Performance Pack
9:55 Not a ground up EV
10:40 Regen braking
11:00 Tesla brakes awful
12:00 Jaguar iPace
12:20 400hp feeling
12:55 Stiffness and grip
14:00 Tesla cabin comparison
15:05 Safety & weight
15:40 Acceleration
16:00 Battery pack
16:20 Range
16:50 Simple infotainment
17:45 RWD to come?
19:10 Simple displays
19:50 cubby holes
20:30 Why isn't suspension adjustable?
20:50 Too much of a race car
21:30 Froot & front end walkaround
23:45 Charging times
24:23 Rear seats
25:17 Conclusion
26:30 Subscribe!
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