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The Fairphone 2 gets a major software upgrade 5 years after launch.

This year is a milestone for us, and you, as it marks 5 years of continuous support of the #Fairphone2 – one of the few Android smartphones launched in 2015, to still receive software support. It might not seem like a big deal, but trust us, it is.

Not only did we build the operating system without any support from a chip-maker, we also had to go through approximately 477,000 Google tests and pass them all in order to get the certification. That’s a huge achievement for us. Not that we were counting. Ok, we were. Wouldn’t you?

We started Fairphone with a mission to encourage smartphone longevity by disrupting the electronics industry from the inside and this milestone signifies our commitment to you and to our supply chain.

Here's our software engineer Karsten Tausche, to talk you through this crazy journey.

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Since 2013, Fairphone is on a mission to create a more sustainable and ethical smartphone.
The modular, repairable Fairphone 3 champions longer-lasting design, fair materials, good working conditions, and the reduction of e-waste. We want to help the entire electronics industry to do better.

By creating more sustainable smartphones, we’re demonstrating the endless possibilities for a fairer future, for everyone! It’s no secret, we’re out to change the world. Fairphone puts people and the planet first.

Take a look behind the screen and learn more about the hidden stories you’re holding hand. On this YouTube Channel you can check out how-to’s about our Fairphones, tutorials and behind the scenes videos.


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