POKEMON MASTER Reacts to "Mega Pokemon Battle Royale (Loud Sound Warning)"

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I absolutely LOVE Mega Evolution! Megas throw down in the Epic BATTLE ROYALE!
Which Mega will end up on top of this incredible showdown?!
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TerminalMontage teamed up with Lockstin and Gnoggin to create the epic Mega Pokemon Battle Royale! This is one of the most epic videos of all time that features incredible animations and Pokemon fight sequences. It would be really cool if a Pokemon Battle Royale came out given how successful they've been with the other games recently. I doubt it but it would be sick!

Check out TerminalMontage original video here:
Mega Pokemon Battle Royale (Loud Sound Warning)

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Pokemon Master Reacts to "Pokemon Battle Royale ANIMATED"

POKEMON MASTER Reacts to "Baby Pokemon Battle Royale ANIMATED"

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