Porco Rosso: What You Should Know Before Watching the Movie - OTAKING Seminar Special English DUB

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0:00 opening
0:55 Porco's love machine
3:00 Number of machine gun bullets
6:00 Madame Gina
8:05 FIAT Truck
9:40 Fio over the Adriatic Sea and Polco return to humans
12:30 Porco's upset and mistakes
17:30 Ending

In this channel, the founder of Gainax, one of the cornerstones of Japanese animation, Toshio Okada, called "Otaking(Nerd King)", who produced the animation, explained the lesser-known Japanese culture and animation. I am.

This video was created on November 2, 2018 originally sent in Japanese, but for many people who are interested in Japanese anime, we have created dubbed audio in English.

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