Rainbow Kitten Surprise - Our Song (Official Audio)

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"Our Song" by Rainbow Kitten Surprise available everywhere now:

Artwork by Maria Stoica and Jess Haney
Creative Direction by Larry Hester

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This ain’t our song
These ain’t our old selves
We get along well
You're hearing wedding bells

That ain’t nothing like you
Sound nothing like you used to

So what it’s
You ain’t asleep yet
Tell me your secrets
I’ll tell everyone I meet them

Sounds like something I'd do
Tell me something that truthful
Something that useful
Probably make Youtube

Don't tell you're breaking up
It must be reception here
Miss Kate it's Prince Harry
'Cause I pull a "just married"
Don't make me your Clydesdale dear

I ain't nothing not rude
Still bucking like I used to

Friends gotta let friends fight
Sometimes friends fight alright
Still got your back even when you break a chair on mine like
Shit! Is it Monday night?

It ain't nothing unusual

And if I gotta fight you, love you, or leave you
Boo roll your sleeves up keep your hands up too
And if we gotta do this every single day of the year I guess it’s fair

We look nothing like we used to

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