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In this video we explore what are the requirements the industry has from an Android Engineer and what are the prerequisities one needs to cover to become a professional Android developer.

This video is by Arnav Gupta, former Head of Engineering of Apps team at Zomato and current Lead Android Engineer at Target Corporation. He draws from his experience of interviewing over 100 Android engineering candidates of various levels.

The video will cover the following topics:

0:52 - Expectations of an Android Developer
3:23 - FAQs on Android Development
6:33 - Kotlin vs Java
7:10 - OOPs concepts and Java/Kotlin Semantics
8:22 - Getting Started with Android
10:22 - Event-driven Programs and UI Development
11:48 - Important Android Concepts
15:34 - Architecture and State Management in UI-based Apps
17:24 - Android Architecture Components
18:56 - Common Android Libraries & Internet driven Apps

Overall, In the first part we cover how to start from the basics and reach to a level where we can be an entry-level Android Engineer.

In the next part we will be covering the road towards Senior Android Engineer and then Android Lead/Architect roles.

You can watch the part-2 over here:

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