SinfulPants Tekken 7 Heihachi Highlights #38

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Do you play on pad or stick?
I play on a normal PS4 controller. Here’s a link to a video of me playing with a hand cam:

What region are you in?
I’m in the USA.

What song is playing?
I don’t know because I play with random Tekken songs. Sorry.

How do you do the iWS4 combos?
I made a little tutorial video here (but be warned, it’s really difficult):

Why don’t you upload your entire gaming session?
I use the PS4 record function to save my clips. And I only set it to save 1 minute clips. Longer than that and it eats up my hard drive space. Plus, it’s easier to go through and edit smaller clips anyways.

I used to go back to the Tekken Replay Theater and record each match individually but that is too time consuming. If I ever start streaming on YouTube again, you’ll be able to watch the entire stream afterwards.

Can you stream?
I have in the past and I might again in the future. I’m not sure when.
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