Skyrim - How to Get Daedric Armor & Weapons at Level 1 (Without Smithing)

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A complete guide on how to get Daedric Armor & Weapons at level 1, and without Smithing! In today's video you'll learn exactly how to get the most powerful weapons and armor (Daedric armor & weapons) in Skyrim, and all accomplished at level 1.

Daedric armor, even with Dawnguard and Dragonborn expansions, is the best heavy armor in Skyrim. Sound epic right! The only problem, one must first reach level 48 before it can be obtained, and even then, its twenty times less likely to appear than any of the other armor types.

Likewise, Daedric weapons are the best standard weapons available in Skyrim, but they only begin appearing at much later level, level 46. They are also twenty times less likely likely to appear than any of the other weapon types.

With that being said, wouldn't it be nice to equip the Dragonborn with this insanely powerful gear right from level 1? Absolutely!

In this video I show you exactly how, step by step.

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The timestamps in the guide can be found below.

How to Get Daedric Armor & Weapons at Level 1 Intro (00:00)
Loot gold and items in Helgen: (00:45)
Sell loot to Alvor (01:10)
Enter 'The Sleeping Giant Inn' (01:22)
Steal some wooden plates (01:32)
Travel to Winterhold (01:57)
Gain entrance to the 'College of Winterhold' (02:18)
Enter the 'Hall of Elements' (04:04)
Use the wooden plates to reach the chest (04:48)
Take the Sigil Stone (05:49)
Enter 'The Midden' (05:54)
Activate the pedestal (06:29)
Place ingredients in the 'Offering Box' (08:11)
Pull the lever (08:37)

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