Skyrim VR Modding Guide - How to install SKSE VR, SkyUI VR and VRIK Player Avatar

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Get SKSE for manual install:
Get SkyUI:
Written SKSE and SkyUI Guide with links:

My Top 10 most important SkyrimVR List:
VRIK Setup Guide:
Video guide on modding with Vortex:

Music by , you can download it here:

HMD: Valve Index @120Hz (motion smoothing always on)
GPU: GTX 1080ti @ 1900MHz
CPU: Ryzen 3600 @ stock
RAM: 16gb DDR4 @ 3200MHz

Large modlist, including fancy pants stuff like VRIK (gives you a body again with inverse kinematics for arms, plus weapon holsters and even gesture-based spell casting), Spellsiphon (fantastic addition of engaging magic), DynDOLOD (for beautiful visuals in a distance, like 3D trees) and an ENB. If you want a good starting mod setup, check out the Lightweight Lazy List:

For comprehensive modding info see (read the sticky threads!) :)
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