Tekken 6 Scenario Campaign Part 14

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The extra stages unlocked after beating the game. Require some work.
0:00 - 3:48 - Steve's Stage again
Yoshimitsu - Return to Steve's stage in Hard mode. After opening the crate at the very start defeat the ninja that pops out. Finish the stage as normal.

4:09 - 11:38 Yoshimitsu's Stage
Yoshimitsu's incredibly long and difficult stage will unlock. You don't have to finish his stage on hard to unlock him.

11:50 - 17:47 - Leo's Stage Again
Mokujin - Rerun Leo's stage in Hard Mode. Mokujin's stage will unlock (Not sure if you have defeat a particular enemy or not guides are incredibly vague on this one). Finish the stage as normal.

18:22 - 25:20 - Mokujin's Stage
Mokujin's stage is incredibly hard but you can farm a ton of money in a single run.

25:30 - 30:15 Devil Jin's Stage
Devil Jin - Stage is already unlocked. It is regarded as one of the hardest if not THE hardest stage in the game. You need moves that have good crowd control. I recommend saving the gatling gun for Devil Jin himself. You can also fall off the train.
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