Tekken 7 DF1 Ranking PT.1: Recovery

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Everyone makes Tekken character rankings so I decided to make a generic tool ranking because why not? And we will start with my favorite generic tool, DF1 / 13 frame Mids. DF1s are very important as they serve as Tekken's primary mid check tool. It also clips snake edge and high crushing shenanigans so I love it.

I know not all DF1s are the same so let's rank them in terms of versatility. Plus, there's so many factors that makes a move good or bad so let's just average them out.

I'd like to thank Lili Rochefort because without her best DF1 this idea wouldn't come up. HAHAHA. Srsly tho, I dropped Lili because of her DF1.

In this video, we will start ranking DF1's in Tekken and we will start with whiff recovery. I have no way of knowing the exact minus frames on whiff so I used Anna's queen heel in checking. Queen Heel is a useless move so if Queen Heel beats your i13 mid then it's most likely that your i13 mid has bad recovery.

Video Chapters:
0:00 Intro
0:15 Criteria and Scoring
0:33 Rundown
3:47 Running Scores

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