Teletubbies - Magic House (Bottom Left Window Version; US Version)

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Requested by Justin Knight. Here is another standalone video of the Magic House Magical Event from Teletubbies. Back in 2012, I uploaded the version where the singing puppet inside sings at the bottom right window in the US "Funny Day!" VHS, but this time, he sings at the other side of his house.

It seems like the new version of HandBrake I am using has been generating short audio cuts in between sections of audio at the beginning of videos again, starting off with this one, so I simply uploaded the copy of the video I saved in Sony Movie Studio Platinum

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Numbers: 4 (US Version)


Disclaimer: I do not own this; it belongs to Ragdoll Productions, BBC and DHX Media. No copyright infringement intended. Also, this is a non-profit video. All rights reserved.
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