TELEVISION 'Adventure' vinyl review ('70s New York punk rock/new wave) - Tom Verlaine, Marquee Moon

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TELEVISION - 'Adventure' (Elektra; rel: 1978)

'Marquee Moon' is often referred to by music critics as one of the all-time great debut albums. It has meant that Television's second album has struggled over the last 43 years to emerge from the also-rans. But it is unquestionably a good album and a worthy follow-up to its more illustrious predecessor.

For starters it contains two classic singles from the New York punk/new wave era in 'Glory' and 'Foxhole'. Their joyous choruses cannot be ignored. Other highlights, such as 'Days', 'Carried Away' and 'The Dream's Dream', focus on more tranquil melodies. They exude an aura of placidity and serenity.

If you crave the more ragged and dangerous-sounding Television from their residency at New York's CBGBs, you could do worse than check out the semi-official release 'The Blow Up' on ROIR (Reach Out International Records Inc.)/Danceteria. It is full of coruscating guitar.

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