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The following video is a series of 10 clips from Tesla’s FSD (full self driving) beta provided by @kimpaquette on Twitter, from 10-29-20 to 11-5-20. These are the complete clips shared on Twitter, they include some disengagement’s, but also show the continuing progress of the FSD beta. This beta was released on 10-20-20 to a handful of careful drivers to provide feedback and help train the system, the drivers are always ready to intervene at any time.

Kim is great at explaining what is going on in her videos. If you are unfamiliar with Tesla’s autopilot system or the FSD beta, please pay attention to the small steering wheel icon on the far left side of the screen, under the speed of the vehicle, when blue, the system is engaged, when gray, the system is being controlled by the driver **please note, on the UI changed so the steering wheel icon is smaller; you can also listen for audio cues for when the system is engaged and disengaged.

***If you are still having a hard time telling when she is in control or not, because of the quality of the video (thanks to Twitter), she takes over 2 times in #3, 1 time in #9, and 2 times in #10, the rest of the video, the car is driving, she follows the wheel to make sure she can take over if she needs to, if too much torque is applied to the wheel, the system disengages.

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