Tesla's Full Self-Driving Beta is Currently 72% Reliable at Advanced Self-Driving Maneuvers

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I wanted to do a video on how well statistically Tesla’s FSD Beta is currently. Dirty Tesla has one of the best collections of full FSD videos and Chris was nice enough to let me use them for this video. So I analyzed 11 of his videos using FSD Beta 5 through 9 and recorded each time the FSD Beta performed a self-driving maneuver above and beyond current Auto pilot capabilities on local roads. I classified them as Good (it executed the maneuver correctly), Help (it needed assistance with a maneuver either prompting for it or Chris pressed the power peddle), Bad (it failed the maneuver and Chris had to take over), Illegal (it performed a really bad maneuver that was illegal, like going through a red light). Across this set of videos I found on average FSD Beta was able to perform various advanced self-driving maneuvers 72% of the time without any assistance. Full disclosure, I didn’t record all the times it did not turning on the turn signal or how Chris assisted at yield signs because there were too many. I’ll show you the full results in this video and I plan to release additional videos showing all the amazing self-driving maneuver FSD is currently capable of and all the driving maneuver is currently not capable of. #tesla, #teslamodel3 @elonmusk

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Current Software Version: v10 ()
Configuration: Red Tesla Model 3, Hardware 3 (FSD Computer), Rear Wheel Drive (RWD), Long Range Battery (LRB), Enhanced Autopilot (EAP), Full Self Driving (FSD) (still waiting for ), Premium Upgrade (PU), Standard 18" Aero Wheels (too many potholes in my area).


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Ending Song: Movin' On by
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