The Codec - Debi Mae West Interview: Meryl, Metal Gear, Johnny, David Hayter, & More Discussed!

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0:00 – Codec intro.
0:33 – Intro.
1:33 – Who is Debi Mae West, how did you become a voice actor?
3:33 – How did you get the role of Meryl?
4:37 – What is it about Meryl that keeps you coming back?
6:53 – Did you work closely with David Hayter for both MGS1 and MGS4?
9:24 – What got you into cartoon/anime voice acting? Do you prefer that or video game voice acting?
12:31 – How would you describe Meryl and what did you have to keep in mind to get in character?
12:34 – Was playing Meryl in MGS4 different from playing Meryl in MGS1? How so?
16:35 – In what ways has Metal Gear's success affected the way you approach voice acting?
19:21 – What are your thoughts on Meryl's choice to marry Johnny?
23:00 – Why do you think Meryl as a character chose to marry Johnny? Do you think they had a happy marriage?
24:56 – Are you in it for the long haul for Tsunade?
27:55 – How was doing voices for other franchises different from Metal Gear?
31:59 – Are you the illusive Suzetta Minet?
36:22 – How familiar are you with the Metal Gear lore? Have you seen any of the games?
38:15 – Which kind of voice work did you have most fun with?
42:00 – Are you in any way involved with Metal Gear Solid V?
42:53 – What are your thoughts on David Hayter being recasted with Kiefer Sutherland?
47:51 – How would you compare Meryl, Tsunade, and yourself?
49:02 – Debi listens to Suzetta Minet's Eva.
52:11 – Which character in Metal Gear do you find most attractive?
52:42 – How do you think Meryl dealth with Snake's death after MGS4 and what do you think she did for the rest of her life?
53:40 – What are some future projects you're involved in?
53:30 – Multiple Users (YouTube): Were you surprised when they asked you to reprise Meryl for MGS4?
55:03 – JackBrokeHeart (YouTube): In what ways would you like to be like Meryl?
55:49 – Cliff Uchida (Facebook): Who would you cast as Meryl in the upcoming Metal Gear Solid movie?
57:28 – MetalGearFanboy84 (YouTube): What was your favorite Metal Gear moment?
58:13 – Ivan Kurniawan (YouTube): Which other Metal Gear would you play other than Meryl?
59:03 – NinjaWithStandards (YouTube): When did you find out that Snake had aged drastically in MGS4, and what was your reaction?
59:57 – Ryan King (YouTube): After you finished working on MGS1, when did you find out how big this thing was?
1:01:33 – Evan Commins (YouTube): Who's your favorite voice actor you've worked with?
1:02:52 – The4thSnake (YouTube): Did you prefer playing Meryl in MGS1 or in MGS4?
1:05:59 – Codec intro recording.
1:06:08 – Final words from Debi.
1:07:18 – Codec post-show.
1:07:25 – Interview thoughts.
1:09:00 – Thoughts on Debi's voice VS Meryl's voice.
1:10:15 – Thoughts on Debi's relationship to Suzetta Minet.
1:17:52 – Metal Gear Online 3 thoughts and opinions.
1:32:51 – Upcoming content from The Codec, Daley, Ronin, and Yong.





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