The Codec - Jim Piddock Interview: MGS3 Zero, Zero's Role in MGSV, Konami Controversy, & More!

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0:00 – Codec Intro
0:21 – Intro
1:41 – Who is Jim Piddock and how did he become an actor?
3:30 – Jim Piddock in The Prestige.
5:09 – How do roles from other games compare to MGS3's Zero?
7:28 – Recording technology at the time and recording with the actors.
8:23 – Do you have any medium or genre preferences?
11:38 – How did you get the role of Major Zero? Did you know about Metal Gear prior?
14:04 – Having no idea about Major Zero fans.
15:42 – Are there any projects you're currently working on?
18:12 – Are you a fan of James Bond? What movies are you a fan of?
23:40 – Was Zero specifically defined or were you given the chance to be creative with him?
25:05 – What things did you keep in mind when voicing Zero?
27:39 – Would you consider Major Zero a big step forward in your career?
28:30 – Zero's dialogue spliced in different games?
29:51 – Did you know Zero would end up being the series's main antagonist?
33:31 – Did you ever get the impression that Snake Eater would be the last Metal Gear?
33:55 – What's the story behind your refusing the role of Major Zero for Phantom Pain? What happeneed between you and Konami?
41:29 – Zero in MGSV will be heard more than he'll be seen.
42:27 – Thoughts on the David Hayter controversy.
45:11 – Have you heard what happened between Kojima and Konami?
46:22 – Did you feel as though Konami's recent behavior is in line with what you've experienced with them when you were approached for the role of Zero for Phantom Pain?
47:35 – Did you learn anything new about Zero when you were asked to reprise the role for Phantom Pain?
48:24 – What are your thoughts on Kickstarter? Would you lend your voice for a Kickstarter game?
53:24 – Nick C (YouTube): Favorite codec conversation from MGS3?
54:40 – Otkusi (YouTube): What is it like to find out that Zero ended up being a villain?
56:00 – NitraBot Blue (YouTube): What are your thoughts on Kiefer Sutherland playing Snake?
56:51 – Tiago (YouTube): Did you meet Hideo Kojima?
57:44 – Luis Alfonso (YouTube): Any tips for aspiring voice actors?
1:00:48 – Major Zero lines for codec intro.
1:02:56 – Final words from us.
1:05:18 – Final words from Jim Piddock, inspired to revisit Metal Gear.
1:06:54 – Post interview discussion.
1:36:41 – Yong's ROCKETO PUUUUNNNCCHH!!!





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