The Codec - Quinton Flynn Interview: Raiden, MGSV, Konami Conflict, MGR2, KH3, & More Discussed!

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0:00 – Codec Intro
0:26 – Intro
1:47 – How did you envision Raiden as a character prior to being cast?
4:35 – What are some notes you keep in mind while auditioning or performing Raiden?
6:55 – How did you get started with voice acting?
13:21 – How many Metal Gear games did you play/complete? How familiar are you with the lore?
17:15 – Meeting James in Ireland.
19:05 – What were your thoughts on MGS2 Raiden getting flack?
22:23 – What's your reaction to David Hayter not being in MGSV?
28:49 – How closely did you work with Paul Eiding for MGS2's crazy finale?
33:19 – What was your approach in changing your voice from MGS2 Raiden to MGS4 Raiden?
35:15 – Did fan feedback from MGS2 affect the decision for the voice change in MGS4?
37:34 – What was your approach changing from MGS4 Raiden to MGR Raiden?
39:22 – How did you go from playing Spider Man to Venom? Which did you prefer?
47:12 – How do you think Raiden dealt with Snake's death?
49:36 – MGR sense of humor and Raiden's sombrero and poncho.
51:18 – Why keep playing Raiden? What keeps you coming back?
52:19 – Metal Gear Rising 2.
55:04 – What's your opinion on the debacle between Kojima and Konami? Would you reprise the role of Raiden without Kojima?
59:51 – What's your favorite role you've done?
1:03:53 – How did you end up getting the role of Axel in Kingdom Hearts?
1:06:43 – What do you know about Kingdom Hearts 3?
1:07:31 – Was it awkward between you and David in MGS2 when you replaced David as the lead?
1:15:18 – What are some tips you would give to aspiring voice actors?
1:19:07 – What are some projects you are working on now?
1:26:17 – What are your thoughts on the line, “We've managed to avoid drowning.”
1:28:17 – If you could voice any existing character you haven't voiced, who would it be?
1:31:11 – What character that you've voiced best represents who you are and what you want to be?
1:32:03 – How was Kolyat Krios (smaller roles) compared to roles like Raiden and Axel?
1:36:44 – How was voicing the guard in MGS Portable Ops?
1:37:55 – Prank call David Hayter or Paul Eiding?
1:40:58 – Raiden quotes.
1:48:40 –





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