The Desert Wind Exile [Skyrim Vanilla Unarmed Build] S1E6

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Welcome to the SEASON ONE FINALE for our Vanilla Skyrim Character Builds series. We are two brothers dedicated to breathing new life into Skyrim through unique aesthetics and engaging roleplay. And don't worry, SEASON TWO is coming soon!! :)

Today's build is a powerful master of the Khajiiti martial art "Desert Wind". We became intrigued with the Desert Wind after learning about it in the Elder Scrolls Online, and decided to do our best to incorporate the idea in Skyrim.

If you want the strongest build in the game, as always, get yourself some Daedric crap or whatever have fun steamrolling. We're out here for a different reason, and we hope you enjoy looking at Vanilla Skyrim in a new light! We always strive for a combination of roleplay, aesthetic, and playability. While we use a few visual mods, all of the builds we produce are completely vanilla. Try them out and let us know what you think! And let us know what ideas YOU have!


00:00 - 00:53 - Intro
00:54 - 2:04 - Character Snapshot
2:05 - 4:07 - Backstory
4:08 - 8:02 - The Roleplay
8:03 - 8:55 - Armor
8:56 - 9:20 - Spells // Shouts
9:21 - 10:48 - Stats // Perk Spread
10:49 - 11:58 - SPECIAL MOVES
11:59 - 12:55 - Outro

MUSIC - Vindsvept - Whispering Winds

ART - Tai Lung - @RacecarArt, Zaheer - Empty and Become Wind - swadeart
Green Screen Magic - Tornado Effect
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