The Lost Anime Found on a Vinyl Record

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I discuss some lost media so unknown, there's no proof of it existing online. Kenny Lauderdale (me), covers a lost anime found on a vinyl record that seemingly doesn't exist. Japan released so many ops for anime, sometimes the theme music is all the evidence you have left. Unlike saki sanobashi however, this anime has screenshots, magazine articles, & even a description, so there's plenty to dig into here. Currently there is no lost media wiki article on this, so if anyone has VHS recordings from japanese tv feel free to let me know. Specifically, the anime series oh family. I already talked about an anime with zero clips, but how about an anime with less info than that? The history of japan is full of japanese animation we still know almost nothing about.

This video is full of Japanese series that may not even exist, so sit back & watch kenny lauderdale's analysis of another obscure anime nobody's heard of from 1986.

Title: The Lost Anime found on a Vinyl Record
Last Video Title: The Anime With ZERO Clips & Screenshots | Hana no
Asuka-gumi! 2 (1990)


Here's a link to Marty's Lost Anime Music Channel.

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