The Magic of Save and Exit in Terraria works on the "last" version of Terraria...

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The magic of save and exit in Terraria. How original idea. Well, the game has changed by a lot in , and , and , so it's time for bit of new video about magic of save and With new things like texture pack. Now you might say that existed from Terraria , and you're correct.

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It's Nostalgia November, very old video, revived for new taste. Not sure if you'll like that taste, but we'll see what it's about Terraria's feature that might come handy when you're in tough position. Why use magic mirror, when you can just save and exit, to escape the horror?... why not people in horror movie doesn't do that?

Watching Credits? Save and After defeating Moon lord of course, just remember that there's lot of possibilities with the magic of save and exit, in Terraria!

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-Terraria Journey's end: Credit
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