The Next Nine Tails Jinchuuriki: Himawari Uzumaki!

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Following the life or death battles with Isshiki Otsutsuki and BoruShiki, Hokage Naruto has found himself at a bit of a crossroads. The power of his new transformation has come at a very massive price and ever since Isshiki stomped Naruto out of his new transformation. Naruto has been unable to stand up on his own unassisted and has now passed out, leaving Sasuke to battle BoruShiki alone. With the fates of both Naruto and Kurama unknown, as well as the full ramifications of the drawbacks to Naruto's new transformation, the time has now come for us to consider who will become the next jinchuuriki of the nine tails if Naruto has indeed lost the power of the nine tails like some have begun to suspect! Grab those ramen bowls for this next and extremely important Boruto Naruto Next Generations discussion!
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