The Top 10 Most Sweaty Fortnite Skins In Season 4! (Fortnite Sweaty Skins)

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In this video today we're gonna be going over the top 10 sweatiest skins right now in Fortnite. I know this is a very different video than what I usually upload, but I think every once in a while it's a good idea to switch things up a bit, and I think this video today will be fun to make and hopefully fun to watch. As the title suggests, I'm obviously going to count down from 10 to 1 with the skins that I personally believe are most used by the sweatiest players. Obviously, this is very subjective and personal experience plays a big role in it, but the main characteristics I'm looking for are skins with very small and skinny player models, skins that are in the item shop fairly frequently for cheaper prices so a lot of people can buy them, and it's an extra bonus if the skin has been popularized by a certain pro like you'll see a few times in here. Before we start leave me a comment with what you believe the sweatiest skin in Fortnite is, and I hope you guys enjoy this video!

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