The Wind That Blows

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Parul Das is an Indian woman doctor that has had a failed affair in England. She is going back to India hoping to find herself. In doing so, she finds love, a family and peace of mind. Dennis Galvin, an Anglo-Indian, happily married to Susan, lives in Swindon, England, with his twins, Donald and Michael, and wife. However, his happy life is thrown upside down when his wife leaves him for another man. He then takes a ship back to India to meet the love of his life, Parul. Dennis takes his twins to see his parents in Goa. Then, he and his twins visit Parul at the tea plantation just outside Darjeeling, where he meets Sutra, Parul’s aunty. The twins are taught cooking by Sutra. Parul announces that she is emigrating to New Zealand. Sutra, Dennis and the twins go too. They board the cruise ship, Electra, in Calcutta, which is bound for Australia and New Zealand. Whilst onboard the Electra, there are two murders which the three detectives, Parul, Sutra and Dennis, try to solve. The twins meet three young girls on board; Tilly, Bella and Badger. Bella gets jealous and pushes Don into the swimming pool on board. After he is rescued, he reveals the murderers. Once the murderers are caught, everyone looks forward to their new lives in a new land. But still, there lurks hate and Macauley Publishers™ Ltd is an independent book publisher based in the UK and we're accepting submissions in all book genres, for more details visit:

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