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A man who lives for his job. Dedicated to the point of obsession, Lei is a law-abiding and gifted cop. He is fair-minded and affable to those around him (unless they break the law).
For his enemies however, he attains a stern and direct approach to their arrest. Although his attempts can sometimes be clumsy, Lei's intentions are always virtuous in nature.

During his time as one of the most respected Hong Kong police detectives, officer Lei Wulong has developed his own style of Kung Fu, and uses this to his advantage when facing the many criminals he encounters within his home metropolis.

Lei's life was consumed as usual by police work. Unfortunately for Lei, his live-in girlfriend got fed up with Lei's workaholic lifestyle and dumped him in favor of Lei's assistant. Ironically, the assistant acted as a liaison for Lei whenever she wanted to get in touch with him at work. When Lei found out about this, he became extremely depressed.
Around the same time, Lei botched an operation to bring a crime syndicate to justice.

Lei's fighting style is based on the Five Animals form of Chinese martial arts and on Drunken Boxing.

Lei is a high risk/high reward character that has to make very good and creative use of his stances in order to throw off and confuse his opponents. Lei is one of the more difficult characters to use because he requires a good understanding of the game mechanics in order to know what situations are in his benefit. Players usually have to know a good deal of their opponent before Lei can be deadly.

Lei requires players to be patient and smart, since he is a very unsafe character, but if Lei can get a good momentum going, his damage output is very high and he gets rewarded heavily either through mix-ups or stance setups that are riddled with throws, cancels, and tricky mids and lows.

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