Top 10 Upcoming Anime Sequels of 2021 ft. @InSaiyanTV

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Top 10 Upcoming Anime Sequels of 2021 (HINDI)

This video is made to spread awareness about the most hyped anime sequels of 2021 among anime fans. This list is based on the data collected through various databases like Myanimelist, Google Trends, Ammount Search tool, etc. I hope you like this video and start watching Anime. A new world of amazing feeling is awaiting you. So take a dive for yourself.

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This video is a Data-based video so I hope no one gets offended :)

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2:19 9. Dragon Maid S2
2:50 8. That time I got reincarnated as a slime
3:24 7. Rising of the shield hero
4:27 6. Log Horizon S3
5:00 5. My Hero Academia S5
5:36 4. Seven Deadly Sins
6:29 3. Dr. Stone S2
7:30 2. Re:Zero S2 Part 2
9:21 1. The promise Neverland S2
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