Top 5 SCARY Ghost Videos That’ll Make You CRY For MAMA

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Nuke's Top 5 SCARIEST videos of GHOSTS caught on camera, and some REALLY scary TikTok videos ! It also might help… if you CRAZY. In this Top 5 countdown, we have strange supernatural activity, ghost hunters, poltergeists, and bizarre apparitions in haunted houses and abandoned places. Are these REAL scary videos of ghosts caught on camera? Or is it all just an elaborate hoax? You decide…

See Italian ghost hunters PIT do a poltergeist investigation and find scary things in the woods. Tamil ghost hunters do a paranormal investigation at a haunted house as a ghost seems to follow them around and even reduces one of the investigators to tears. A Dutch man finds a VERY scary apparition on CCTV camera in his child’s room. Japanese urban explorers catch an EVP and a strange shadow figure. And some VERY scary TikTok videos including supernatural activity in a kid’s playroom, and a strange shadow apparition in a haunted house. Some great paranormal and poltergeist activity !

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