TWRP - Black Swan feat. Dan Avidan (Official audio)

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Track six off of our brand new album "Over The Top".

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Under the dawn arisen
Of ultraviolet suns
Deep in the cave beneath the avalon
Emergency transmission
Lighting up an empty screen
Beamed from the planet of the galaxy queen

“This is a black sky bounty
There’s an assassin on the run
I want him dragged down and brought to me
You’re the only one”

I dusted off the mantle
The weapons of my trade
Faint with the echoes of my past accolades

(Ooh, I challenge you
Let’s see what you can do
If your legend is true…)

Scared of a black sky bounty
I’m blasting off into the dawn
And like a black swan

My halcyon days are over
Now I’m just flying along
The radar locked
On targets long gone

(You are mine
For war, it’s time
All hope gone
For you Black Swan)

My heart is racing
Full speed right through the field of stars
I can’t resist the deadly charge
The light I’m chasing
The fire that makes us what we are
I close the distance from afar

(Past your prime
With pride you’re blind
I feel your fear
Now feel my wrath)

First shots are fired
My past and future lives collide
The target turns to meet my eyes
One joust required
I find the strength beyond the lies
And ride as my enemy dies

Don’t stop! - Halcyon’s not over
I’m just flying along
Grateful to be so wrong
Don’t stop! - I’m inside this
Overwhelming high tide singing along
My black swan song
Don’t stop! - Halcyon’s not over
I’m just flying along
A queen’s love, so strong
Don’t stop! - I’m inside this
Overwhelming joy that I’m living on
I don’t have long
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