UNBOXING INSANE RARE LEGO Star Wars Sets & Minifigs | The Ghost & Phantom I & II

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Yes I got my hands on an incredibly Rare Retired Lego Star Wars set and minifigures! An iconic Star Wars ship from the Star Wars Rebels show that so many missed out on when LEGO originally released it. Set 75053 is like a UCS LEGO Set and the minifigs are incredible. Check out this new addition to my LEGO Star Wars collection and hear why I am so excited to get The Ghost & Phantom I & II LEGO sets and how these incredible LEGO Star Wars minifigs will fit into my collection.

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00:00 - Intro
00:48 - Unboxing the retired LEGO Star Wars Haul!
01:27 - LEGO Star Wars Rebels Ghost
02:18 - Phantom I
02:58 - Phantom II
03:57 - LEGO Star Wars Ghost & Phantom minifigures
07:17 - All the sets and minifigs


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An incredibly rare retired LEGO Star Wars set that is a white whale set for all LEGO Star Wars fans. From the super successful Star Wars Rebels show (sort of successor to the Clone Wars series) this iconic ship and associated Phantom I & II come with incredible LEGO Star Wars Minifigures and make an incredible addition to my LEGO Star Wars Collection.

Not MandRproductions (MandR) nor SolidBrickStudios nor SpitBrix, or other LEGO Star Wars YouTubers. Not LEGO Star Wars The Skywalker Saga game news but it is a SUPER RARE LEGO STAR WARS SET from the epic STAR WARS REBELS with awesome LEGO STAR WARS MINIFIGURES.

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