What is H.266 codec? H.266 (VVC) vs AV1 vs H.265 (HEVC) Comparison

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A new video coding standard or VVC, which will bring huge benefits to 4k and 8K streaming is coming this fall. In this video, you'll learn what is H266 and what it means to us consumers.
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1. What is codec?
is a video codec that compresses or decompresses video files. So it converts a bulky movie file, like an hour 1080p 24GB movie in average (at 25 fps using a BluRay codec) into smaller file size for storage and streaming with less bandwidth.

2. Benefits of
is expected to reduce your video files by up to 50% compared with For example, a 10 gigabytes video encoded with , would only need 5 gigabytes with H266 to achieve the same quality.

vs AV1 vs : from the average bit rate saving comparison at 01:20, brings great efficiency in UHD video compression. The great reduction will do a lot of help for us consumers to watch or stream 4K 8K HDR video or 360° video on future TV and other devices.

3. Challenges of
is harder and will take much longer time to encode and decode, and will most likely a challenge for post-production. New chips required to support H266 at the hardware level are still being designed. Right now we’re still adopting 4k slowly, not to mention 8K. So we probably won’t see the widely use of H266 codec in a variety of devices and platforms soon.

What do you think of H266? Will it be the future codec of 8K? Let us know in the comment.

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