What Skyrim's Blackreach Should Have Been (2021 Blackreach Overhaul)

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Additional Thanks to Drip Monke on the discord for supplying an early preview of his Wet Monke ENB and Reshade for some of the cinematic shots in this video! Check out his pintrest here:


The blackest reaches:

DMT's Paint it Blackreach:

high res mushrooms

high res ceiling

glow eggs

high poly mushrooms

high res spore weather

tentacle mesh fix


Dwarven Colossus - Mihail Monsters and Animals

Falmer Abyssraiders- Mihail Monsters and Animals

Crystal Golems - Mihail Monsters and Animals

hri-Kreen Warriors - Mihail Monsters and Animals

glow maps for dwemer tech like spheres

glow maps for dwemer weapons

glow maps for dwemer armour

Blackreach railroad

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